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A priority of Vermont’s hospitals is to enhance and improve the peer review of the medical staff of hospitals. Peer review includes the routine review of patient charts for performance evaluation, education and reappointment as well as the review of potential quality concerns.
Vermont hospitals have found that their peer review committees are frequently challenged to find peers to review the quality of the services provided by their Medical Staff members. Many hospitals have physicians on their active staffs for whom there is no peer, or the only available peers have a conflict of interest such as being in practice together.

In an effort to make peers more widely available to Vermont hospital peer review committees, Vermont’s hospitals and the Vermont Program for Quality in Health Care hereby agree to establish a statewide peer review pool from which they may all draw physicians to conduct or assist peer review.

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Nomination Letter - sample letter for Peer Review Coordinators to send with nominees. 

Nomination Form - form that Peer Review Coordinators can use to submit physicians as nominees.

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